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Lynn resident brings fight against unjust foreclosure to the Supreme Judicial Court. Read more >>

Join us! Help build the movement
for housing as a human right...

Drawing of house and stick figures of family. Please let us keep our home and our family together.
Drawing by Keily Rodriguez, Lynn, MA.

Need help?

If you are a Lynn resident facing eviction or foreclosure, we are here to help.

Please come to a housing justice meeting to hear about our group, to learn more about your rights, and to find support as you fight to stay in your home.

Our meetings are every Thursday, 6:30 pm, at 112 Exchange Street, Lynn MA 01901 (on the corner of Broad Street).

If you need directions or more information about the meetings, or if you have an urgent question, call 781-346-9199.


Si usted vive en Lynn y tiene un problema con desalojo o ejecucción hipotecaría, estamos aquí a apoyarle.

Tenemos reuniones cada jueves, 6:30 de la noche, en 112 Exchange Street Lynn MA 01901 (en la esquina de Broad Street y Exchange Street).

Si necesita más información, o si tiene una pregunta muy urgente, llámanos al 781-346-9199.

We need your help to stop unjust evictions and foreclosures, develop social justice leaders, and strengthen local grassroots social justice movements.

Donate online / Donar por internet

Click here to donate online using our page at Action Network. [ Haz clic aquí para donar por internet usando su tarjeta de crédito.]

Donate by check, mail / Donar por cheque, correo

  1. Make check payable to "City Life" [Hacer cheque pagable a "City Life"]
  2. Write "Lynn United Empowerment" on memo line [Escribe "Lynn United Empowerment" en línea de "memo"]
  3. Drop off or mail the check to... [Traiga o envíe su cheque a...]:
    Lynn United for Change Empowerment Project, 112 Exchange Street, Lynn MA 01901


The Lynn United for Change Empowerment Project brings together immediate battles against unjust eviction and foreclosure with the longer term struggle for social justice. We provide Lynn residents with the  support, advice, and information they need in order to effectively address their own individual problems while also becoming active participants in collective efforts to deal with the root causes of social problems.

We seek to provide the space, training, and tools for Lynn residents from diverse backgrounds to develop leadership as active participants in the broader social justice movement.

Our housing justice work began in response to the foreclosure crisis and -- in collaboration with community partners, volunteers, and allied organizations -- has played a key role in the development of a vibrant movement for housing justice that brings together an extremely diverse range of homeowners and tenants.

The Lynn United for Change Empowerment Project encourages civic engagement among the people it serves, but does not attempt to influence legislation as a substantial part of its activities and does not participate in any campaign activity for or against political candidates.


We are grateful for the critical support of funders including:

Lawyers needed!

Pop quiz for progressive/radical/community lawyers:

1. If a tenant is facing unfair eviction, what should a GOOD lawyer help them do FIRST?
    [Answer: file Answer and Discovery, assert defenses and counterclaims]
2. What should a good PROGRESSIVE/RADICAL/COMMUNITY lawyer want them to do NEXT?
    [Answer: beat the eviction. Become an activist. Join the collective struggle for housing as a human right. Change the underlying conditions that cause evictions in the first place.]

Every week in Lynn, we organize community meetings where tenants get help resisting individual evictions AND get connected to the housing justice movement. To keep this effort going, we need your help!

By volunteering just a few hours per month with Lynn United for Change Empowerment Project, you can make a big, immediate difference for low income tenants while also helping to build a strong grassroots movement for social change. You do NOT need to be an expert on housing law to help.

Lynn, MA is in the early stages of a displacement crisis. Rents are rising drastically. Profit-driven developers are currently planning to build over 1500 luxury apartments with ZERO affordable units. We have grassroots activists and organizers ready to fight back, and if we act now we can make an impact BEFORE gentrification destroys whole communities.

But we can only grow this movement to scale with support from progressive lawyers. Even just a few hours per month will make a huge difference! Here are some of the ways you can help:

*** Thursday evenings - community meetings ***

We do the community outreach, and tenants come to our weekly Thursday evening meetings in need of help filling out Answer and Discovery forms from . Can you volunteer to join us for a few hours one Thursday evening a month? You'll be compensated with pizza (and once in a while something better), interesting stories, and the unending gratitude of the movement :-)

*** Tuesday mornings - housing court ***

Too many tenants in housing court have no legal help, and get railroaded into signing terrible move-out agreements... even when they have counterclaims, jury trial demands, etc. Even minimal, limited assistance help makes a huge difference. Could you come to Lynn one Tuesday morning per month (or more) to help tenants on a Limited Assistance Representation basis?

Depending on your preference and the situation, this could be for a fixed fee arranged with tenants, pro bono through Northeast Legal Aid's Lawyer for a Day table, or pro/low bono on your own. Support and training from experienced housing lawyers is available if needed.

If you're interested in hearing more, please contact Lynn United for Change Empowerment Project at or call Isaac at 781-346-9199.